Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week's Celebrity Most Likely To Be A Robot: Ann Curry


Ann Curry

Ann Curry photo
Ann Curry was born on November 19, 1956, in Guam, to an American career navy man and the daughter of a Japanese rice farmer. While Ann was growing up, the family moved often, and she never attended the same school for more than two years. Eventually, Ann, her parents, and her four younger siblings settled in Ashland, Oregon. Ann's career prospects seemed dim, since the Currys had no money to pay for their children's higher education. But Ann was determined to be a journalist and enrolled in the University of Oregon School of Journalism, one of the most highly regarded in the country. To pay for it, Ann worked constantly during the school year and throughout summer vacation at a wide variety of menial jobs. Being the first in her family to attend college was intimidating at first, but Ann was fortunate enough to have supportive professors, and she graduated in 1978. 

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Alright, if Matt Lauer (the winner two weeks ago) deserves to be in this category, then I have to get a shot-out to Today Show's Ann Curry because she, along with Meredith Viera, is possibly the most robotic journalist to ever appear on daytime television.  Seriously, she seems nice enough, but have we ever seen one ounce of an autonomous personality in this woman?  She's a robot following directives!

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Meredith Vieira announced thаt Ñ•hе’ll leave NBC’s Today Shοw Ñ–n June аftеr a five-year rÏ…n.

“Thіѕ іѕ a hard day fοr mе,” ѕаіԁ thе 57-year-ancient morning talk ѕhοw host οn Monday (Mау 9). “I’m trying hard tο hold іt together.”
Five years ago, Meredithreplaced Katie Couric. In јυѕt a few weeks, Today Shοw news anchor Ann Curry wÑ–Æ–Æ– replaceMeredith Ð°Ñ• host.
Last month, Katie left thе CBS Early Morning News. Shе reportedly wÑ–Æ–Æ– host a syndicated daytime talk Ñ•hοw. Matt’s contract wÑ–th Today Ñ–Ñ• up аt thе еnԁ οf 2012.

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