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Shazahn Padamsee Hot Photoshoot


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Shazahn Padamsee is an Indian movie as well as theatre actress, who has additionally worked a model. Daughter of remarkable actors Alyque Padamsee as well as Sharon Prabhakar, she done her initial movie coming in a 2009 Hindi movie Rocket Singh: Salesman of a Year. After a disaster of her début film, she went upon to crop up in dual South Indian films, gaining credit from critics for her performance, prior to featuring in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji in a distinguished role.
After appearances in multiform theatre performances together with her father’s fool around Unspoken Dialogues, Shazahn appeared in multiform inhabitant advertisements, while auditioning for purposes in Hindi films. After a movie with Vivek Vaswani unsuccessful to materialize, she successfully auditioned for a partial in Yash Raj Studio’s Rocket Singh: Salesman of a Year conflicting Ranbir Kapoor. Shazhan played Sherena in a film, a initial patron who treats a suggested impression with apply oneself during his pursuit as a salesman. Although she played a heading womanlike role, her screen-time was minimal heading to critics claiming which her purpose had small scope. The movie non-stop to certain reviews, though a miss of broadside became a reason for it apropos a disaster commercially during a box office.
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