Sunday, January 23, 2011

Katy Perry – Sexy Lips and Cotton Candy Hips


Katy Perry performing with red gummi bear in background

Once there was a magical place were cotton candy grew wild and gummy bears came to life.

This magical kingdom was in the middle of a great metropolis and it formed the background for a very energetic performance by California GurlsKaty Perry.

Yes, Rockefeller Plaza in the heart of New York City was transformed into a magical, sweet space as sexy singer Katy Perry preformed her hit song California Gurls.

Katy Perry performing with red gummi bear in background Credit: Fame Pictures
Katy Perry performing with red gummy bear in background

Perry was pictured in a very sexy pink layered petticoat tutu with glittery top in shades of pink and silver.

At one point during her performance she held a giant lollipop in a rainbow of colors.

Her makeup was exquisite with her glowing hot red lipstick and power blue eye shadow.

Katy Perry opened her first set with her hit single California Gurls.

Taking a cue from her new album cover for Teenage Dream, Rockefeller Plaza was transformed into a candy land with cotton candy and gummy bears.

Perry completed her set with her number one hit single I Kissed a Girl.

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