Sunday, January 23, 2011

AnnaLynne McCord Sexy Blue for Love Look


nnaLynne McCord uses her tail to capture her nerd Credit: Fame Pictures
AnnaLynne McCord uses her tail to capture her nerd

How does a beautiful, sexy vixen capture the attention and love of a sexy nerd?

Well, if you want to capture a nerd who is into the SiFi movie Avatar, well the answer is simple.

Dress as his fantasy woman, in this case, the very blue but beautiful Neytiri from James Cameron's blockbuster movie Avatar.

Of course, what sexy nerd could resist ultra sexy AnnaLynne McCord as she points her blue tail directly at his heart?

Does this sexy Avatar look do the trick?

Yes, McCord tail and this tale seem to have a very happy ending as McCord and the sexy nerd embrace leads to a long, passionate kiss.

AnnaLynne McCord catches her nerd Credit: Fame Pictures
AnnaLynne McCord catches her nerd

Sometimes, a little fantasy and a sexy costume can be as powerful as a Cupid's arrow on Valentine's Day.

This scene is actually a preview of an upcoming 90210 episode in which McCord uses a sexy Avatar outfit to attrack a nerd she meet on MySpace.

AnnaLynne McCord Beverly Hills Lifestyle Cover

AnnaLynne McCord has also recently appeared on the cover Beverly Hills Lifestyle were she appeared in sexy black leggings and long curly hair and little else.

McCord has those long, sexy legs and long curly hair that definitely turn heads.

The 23 year old actress has been modeling since age 15 and she certainly knows how to strike a very sexy pose.

AnnaLynne McCord Designer Bag Lady

AnnaLynne McCord makes a beautiful bag lady, dressing in nothing but four big, beautiful bags from designer Marc Ecko new bag campaign.

Fashion photographer Tony Duran photographed the ad campaign, which will debut in the March issues of Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to AnnaLynne McCord Sexy Blue for Love Look.

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