Friday, January 21, 2011

Very Special and Sexy Valentine's Day Treats


Sheer Bridal Shirt Robe in Black
Sheer Bridal Shirt Robe

Soon that most romantic day of the year will be upon us.

Yes, Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

Although the temperatures outside may be freezing, we can warm each others hearts as we sit by the fire.

When we think of that perfect gift for Valentine's Day, sexy lingerie is certainty our number one choice.

We especially love the sexy feel and look of lingerie, especially sheer lace.

Black lace is one of our favorites for creating a very sexy, sensuous outfits.

One of our favorite lacy outfits, just right for setting the Valentine's Day mood, is the sheer bridal shirt robe.

This sexy little shear bridal robes was designed to enhance the wedding night, however, it is perfect for setting the mood for a very special romantic night.

earrings have three strings of sparkling rhinestones dripping from the central rhinestone decoration
Cascade Drop Earrings

This very sexy sheer bridal shirt robe is beautifully trimmed with a sequin and pearl embellished Venice trim with a front tie.

The Sheer Bridal Shirt Robes comes with matching g-string and makes the perfect Valentine gift.

Jewelry is another treat to give on Valentine's Day.

We adore jewelry that can capture the rays from a fireplace or perhaps a bath surrounded by candlelight and rose pedals.

These beautiful cascade drop earrings certainly capture the glow of the night.

chocolate heart filled with nine of Dilettantes finest truffles
Chocolate Heart with 9 Delicious Truffles

Each earring has three strings of sparkling rhinestones dripping from the central rhinestone decoration.

Another favorite treat for Valentine's Day is, of course, delicious chocolate.

Especially, those rich creamy Truffles filled with mouthwatering delights.

All those delicious flavors Amaretto, Champagne, Cointreau, Ephemere Light, Ephemere Dark, Coffee Liqueur, Hazelnut Gianduia, Madam X, Raspberry, and Medallion make for delicious Valentine treats.

Plus all those delicious chocolate flavors from deep, rich dark chocolate to milk and white chocolate truly create those delicious Valentine treat.

Yes, this delicious chocolate heart with 9 delicious truffles would provide that perfect treat on Valentine's Day.

Enjoy this romatic song from Taylor Swift as you think of your own very special Valentine.

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