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Bridal Lingerie - Sexy Lingerie For Your Honeymoon


After the long wedding day comes the fun part, the honeymoon lingerie when sheer chemises, sexy nightgowns and romantic lingerie are uncovered. Although the first is important as suitable bridal undergarments to the success of the wedding dress, honeymoon lingerie is just as important for ensuring that you feel fabulous on your honeymoon. The honeymoon is a special moment for a bride to really shine in sexy exotic lingerie and make her husband go weak in the knees!"

Bridal Lingerie - Sexy Lingerie For Your Honeymoon
Sexy Lingerie

Quite possibly, the thought might occur to you that there is really no point in a sheer nightgown and sexy lingerie since it won't be worn for long. It's not that elementary mon ami! We should never forget the magic that can be created with some visual titillation. Slipping on some seductively sexy lingerie can create romantic moments that will last a lifetime.

Bridal Lingerie - Sexy Lingerie For Your Honeymoon

Bridal Underwear

Bridal Underwear – Do Not Forget:

  1. It is always a great idea to shop for your bridal bras and undergarments for wedding and honeymoon well in advance. Be absolutely positive that the bridal undergarments fit well, particularly if you are wearing a bridal bustier. It should be well fitted keeping in mind that it must not be pressing hard against your body and make breathing impossible. Comfort is key.
  2. Choose bras and panties that are pretty and fit you well. Fixing of the bra straps and wedgies is a definite no no during the wedding ceremony! Take a look at more than one type of bras and panties just to make sure you have the perfect style for your wedding dress.
  3. If you are wearing a garter belt and stockings, ensure that it is not bulky and does not show through the wedding dress.
  4. Bring an extra pair of hosiery or pantyhose for your wedding day, just in case. You can never be sure that one pair will last all day.
  5. As for the honeymoon lingerie, you should love it. If the style is too daring for you or you don't feel at ease wearing it, you might not feel comfortable and not enjoy yourself. Remember that any wedding night lingerie you choose, be it a silk nightgown or a sexy chemise in lace should highlight your best assets and make you feel ultra sexy and comfy.

If you are tall and leggy, sexy hosiery is perfect. If you've got great cleavage then a seductive open bra and open lingerie is a fantastic idea. Baby doll lingerie with sheer panties is a clever choice for hiding bigger hips.

There is such a wide range to choose from in terms of lingerie and intimate apparel. It's all about feeling great. When you feel great, it shows and you look amazing. Your new husband will be amazed at how lucky he is to have found such a gorgeous wife…wink wink!

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