Monday, December 20, 2010

U-ka Saegusa


Name: U-ka Saegusa
Number: 20
Category: Japanese Girl
Added: 12/4/2010 8:37:48 AM
Profile: Name: U-ka Saegusa | Japanese name: 三枝夕夏, イン デシベル Saegusa Yūka in Deshiberu | Birthdate: June 9, 1980 | Birthplace: Nagoya, Aichi | Profession: Singer | Genre(s): Pop | Active years: 2002–present | U-ka saegusa IN db (三枝夕夏 IN db(イン デシベル), Saegusa Yūka in Deshiberu) was a Japanese pop band signed to Giza Studio, Formed in 2002 around lead vocalist Yuuka "U-ka" Saegusa, the band's first three singles were all featured in the anime Cheeky Angel. Its first hit single was "Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made", a theme song of the popular anime Detective Conan (Case Closed in the United States), which reached #8 in the Oricon charts.[1] On October 21, 2009, Saegusa stated that the band will disband in January 2010.

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